Wireless Digital Kitchen Cooking Food Meat Thermometer with Timer for BBQ Smoker Grill Oven

Wireless Digital Kitchen Cooking Food Meat Thermometer with Timer for BBQ Smoker Grill Oven

Main Functions:                                                                     1. Food and Oven temperature of the wireless transmission functions ( The signal transmission range up to 70 meters)2. Timer Display and Temperature gauge alarm functions ( Count up & down function, the max time setting is 9...

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Main Functions:
1. Food and Oven temperature of the wireless transmission functions ( The signal transmission range up to 70 meters)
2. Timer Display and Temperature gauge alarm functions ( Count up & down function, the max time setting is 9 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds)
3. Dual probes can work simultaneous, one for testing cooking FOOD/BBQ temperature and one for OVEN
4. Probe 1 for food temperature testing, there are built in 8 different foods program selectable ( BEEF, LAMB, VEAL, HAMBURGER, PORK, TURKEY, CHICKEN, FISH) and 5 different doneness levels ( Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well or Well)
5. Probe 2 for OVEN temperature testing ( Probe and Wire can withstand up to 716°F (380°C) and IPX7 water-proof standard)
6. ℃/℉ temperature display selected
7. 3 Digits temperature display, temperature range: -20℃~300℃(-4~572℉)  
8. Resolution: 1℃
9. Temperature Accuracy: -20℃~250℃≤2℃;250℃~300℃≤6℃
10. Back light function and Auto off after 5 seconds without any operation ( With Keytone )
11. Monitor ( Receiver)
    Remove the battery compartment cover on the back of the monitor
    Install 2 pcs AAA size batteries in the compartment as indicated by the polarity symbols(+and-)                            
    Switch the “POWER” switch on the back to turn the power on/power off
12. Transmitter
    Slide off the battery compartment cover
    Install 2 pcs AAA size batteries in the compartment as indicated by the polarity symbols(+and-)
    Switch the “POWER” switch on the bottom to control the power on/power off
    After turning on the transmitter, the red LED light in the center will flash three(3) times signaling that it’s transmitting to the monitor. Turn the monitor on to begin receiving the probe temperature.

Timer mode ( Count up and Count down Timer)

1. Press “MODE” switch to Timer mode ( There are 5 digits display, Hour, Minute and Second, The default value is 0H 00M 00S),Screen display “TIMER▲”,  Press “ START/STOP” to start or stop
2. When the timer stop working, then press “CLEAR” to reset timer or switch to count up time
3. Press “MEAT” button to set Hour, “MIN” button to set Minute, “SEC” button to set Second ( long press button into value quick setup mode). Once a countdown setting has finished, the unit will beeps (last for 30s) and digits flashing, to silence the alert press any button.
4. In the Timer mode, when current temperature of cooking food reach target value, the unit will beeps and digits flashing, press “MODE”switch to “ PROBE 1” cooking mode
5. In Timer mode, all buttons function belongs to timer setting and can’t stop the Cooking beeps, it should change to Cooking mode to stop it

Cooking mode

1. Probe 1 for FOOD/BBQ temperature testing, press “MODE” switch to “PROBE 1”
2. Press “MEAT” to select different foods ( 8 foods) or PROG programming mode, the sequence is:
3. Press “TASTE” to select different tastes ( total 5 different tastes), the sequence is:
4. Based on USDA standard, different foods have different tastes setting:
Beef:  Well, Med Well, Medium, Med Rare, Rare (5 different tastes selectable)
Lamb:  Well, Med Well, Medium, Med Rare (4 different tastes selectable)
Veal:   Well, Med Well, Medium, Med Rare (4 different tastes selectable)
Hamburger: Well ( 1 taste selectable)
Pork:   Well, Med Well, Medium (3 different tastes selectable)
Turkey:  Well ( 1 taste selectable)
Chicken:  Well ( 1 taste selectable)
Fish:  Well ( 1 taste selectable)
5. After setting, the built in target temperature will display in screen automatically ( TEMP SET)
6. Press “MIN” for 3 seconds to switch unit between ℃ or ℉ (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
7. After receiving signal from transmitter, long press “ SEC” will display current channel and appear CH1,CH2 or CH3 in the food position for 3 seconds
8. Long press “ CLEAR” to clear old data and restart to receive signal, the display of PROBE 1 and PROBE 2 appear “ - - -“
9. Press “START/STOP” to turn on/off alarm function, there is  display in screen, the sequence is PROBE 1 start  – PROBE 2 start– PROBE1 and PROBE 2 start – PROBE 1 and PROBE 2 stop ( Circulation mode)
10.Long press “START/STOP” and manually set target temperature, TEMP SET digits start to flash, press “MIN” and “SEC” to adjust the data MIN is “ +” and SEC is “ -” ( long press button switch to data quick set mode)
11. After setting, press “START/STOP” to confirm data. The sequence is PROBE 1 – PROBE 2.  During setting process, without any operation it will exit manually setting mode 30 seconds later ( The set data will be saved, range from -20℃~300℃)
12. PROBE 2 for OVEN temperature testing specially, there is no Meat & Taste selection function, only target temperature manually setting mode. Press START/STOP to set data and after setting press this button again to confirm
13. In Alarm mode, when current temperature reach target data, the unit will beeps and mark flashing. If PROBE 1 and PROBE 2 start to beeps in the same time, only PROBE 2 beeps ( Press any button to stop alarm beeps, after 10 seconds it will beeps again if higher than target temperature and stop if current temperature lower than target data)
14. In cooking mode, the timer is working in background, there is “TIMER▲ or TIMER▼” mark flashing, if reach setting data the unit will beeps. And if timer and probe start to beeps in same time, there will only timer beeps. Then press “ MODE” switch to timer mode and press any button to stop beeps ( the mark of alarm disappear)
15. Press “ LIGHT”, the back light will light up for 5 seconds ( Press any button, the back light will on for 5 seconds)
16. The receive mode of monitor ( receiver),If there is no signal, it will display “---“. The temperature range from -20~300℃(-4~572℉). If current data lower than 20℃ the screen will display “LLL”, if higher than 300℃ it will display “HHH”.

1.Once cooking is finished, remove the probe using an oven mitt.
2.Clean the probe with water and a mild detergent.
3.To clean the main unit and sensor, wipe with a damp cloth ( The probe is water proof but the Monitor and Receiver not water-proof)

1. This product need 4 AAA 1.5V battery (Not Included)
2. Do not Immerse Probe Plug in Water or Any Liquid!
Moisture on the probe plug might cause corrosion. The rest part of probes is IPX7 waterproof.
3. Heat can not beyond 380℃(716℉)!
Do not expose probe or probe wire to open flames, keep away from high heat, otherwise it will cause short circuit then probe fail to work. The suitable temperature range is -20~300℃(-4~572℉).

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